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Posted by Tisha Hulburd on Jul 8, 2020 11:00:00 AM
Tisha Hulburd

Dallas-area CityFront Innovations, the leader in AI technology for mobile city applications, is proud to be part of Future Com’s solutions ecosystem.

Future Com is an integrator of leading industry brands, offering hardware, software, support, and consulting services to top enterprises, small and medium businesses, and healthcare, government and educational entities throughout the U.S. The CityFront Experience app can be contracted directly through Future Com. Future Com is an approved vendor of TIPS, the Interlocal Purchasing System, which has cooperatively negotiated pricing and terms on behalf of their constituents.

The CityFront Experience is a mobile app designed especially for cities, municipalities and similar organizations, featuring AI technology that delivers NLP and image recognition technology that allows cities to reduce friction when citizens need to report issues with a smart 311 system. The app also provides citizens with access to services such as smart permit and FOIA requests. The CityFront Experience provides a unified solution citizens can consult on their smart devices to obtain information about city services and contacts, as well as information about local businesses.

“Navigating the smart city technology landscape can be difficult and time-consuming, especially when city staff have so many priorities. Working with Future Com allows cities and municipalities to work with vetted companies that have proven to be good government partners,” said Steve Denney, Co-Founder and CTO of CityFront Innovations.

Built via a low-code platform, the CityFront Experience can be rapidly deployed and is system agnostic, allowing for integration into a variety of city legacy systems. Smart, automated 311 reporting is just one feature of the app. Language interpretation, virtual GIS and smart parking are other options that can be built into the app platform, eliminating the need for multiple city applications that users have to navigate.

“Right now cities are looking for ways to improve communication with their constituents and they realize that many citizens have come to expect digital interaction,” said Denney, “both to share information and to make service delivery more cost-efficient. The CityFront Experience is a unified app that can accomplish both tasks, can be customized to support each city’s individual needs, and be up and running quickly.”

“We are extremely excited to work with CityFront!”, said Bob Gomez, Director of Sales at Future Com. “They offer a very unique and visionary solution by providing cities a more effective way to connect with the communities they serve as well as become more efficient in their own processes. This is something every city can use.”

About CityFront Innovations: About CityFront Innovations: CityFront partners with cities, municipalities, local school districts, and community organizations to deliver the first smart city integration platform, powering an artificially intelligent (AI) citizen engagement mobile app that enables citizens to engage with the city intuitively and intelligently. At CityFront we believe being a smart community is not about technology. It’s about how lives are made better. For everyone. Visit to learn more, or follow @mycityfront on Twitter.

About Future Com: Located in Grapevine, Texas, Future Com, Ltd. is redefining cybersecurity, consulting and cloud security. A privately held company for over 25 years, Future Com is an integrator of leading industry brands, delivering customized solutions to secure our customers’ networks wherever they are. Future Com is a top industry partner in all segments of the network: Foundation, Performance, and Security. 



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