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Smart City AI: NLP and Robotics in Action

Posted by Tisha Hulburd on Jun 24, 2020 9:48:57 AM

By now we’re accustomed to meeting natural language processing, or NLP, in our daily routine. Personal assistants like Siri and Alexa and voice response systems greeting us when we call a company’s customer service line are just some of the many ways NLP is used in an attempt to remove friction from task completion. NLP enables computers to read text, hear speech and search for the key phrase in large datasets to return answers to questions spoken or typed into devices. NLP is an attempt to make the way computers interact with humans, to make the interchange between the question and the answer, correspond to the way humans naturally query, or form questions. As SAS explains, “NLP is the branch of AI that enables computers to understand interpret and manipulate human language.” But NLP is only one subset of the incredible growth of use cases for artificial intelligence, or AI, including at the local government level.

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What is NLP?

Posted by Tisha Hulburd on May 28, 2020 3:25:11 PM

Our world is flooded with acronyms, and there is no shortage of these language shortcuts in the technology sector. NLP is a hot acronym of late, referring to natural language processing, a market projected to exceed $22b by 2025. But what exactly is NLP?

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CityFront Innovations Announces Next Gen Smart City Platform

Posted by Tisha Hulburd on May 28, 2020 2:53:18 PM

Dallas-area CityFront Innovations, the leader in AI technology for mobile city applications, is launching the newest iteration of its natural language processing (NLP) engine, built to power smart city applications, improving service delivery and resident engagement.

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We Are All Connected.

Community is what brings us together. Build community and stay connected to your residents by introducing the CityFront app, a smart city technology that enables citizens to engage with the city intuitively and intelligently. 

The CityFront app can provide:

  • Automated text and image based 311 reporting
  • Augmented reality via vGIS 
  • Smarter Parking that directs residents to available parking
  • Video language interpretation in over 220 languages

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